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Going to the beach as an adult should be just as luxurious as it is fun. When you’re a kid, all you need is your suit, the sand, and some waves to have the best day possible. Those things can still be fun when you’re older, but bringing along a few extra things for comfort can really make or break a beach day.

We’ll discuss the five things you should absolutely have on your next day at the beach to ensure you feel comfortable, luxurious, and chic.

1. Micro Bikinis & Cut-Out One-Pieces

If it’s been a while since you last updated your swimsuit collection, now is the time to invest in a super sexy piece. There’s no better way to feel confident on the beach than in a designer swimsuit that hugs and accentuates your curves.

Take a walk on the wild side and try a style you haven’t worn before, like a one-piece with bold cut-outs or even a barely-there micro bikini. Whichever swimsuit you choose, you’re sure to turn heads while enjoying some fun in the sun.

2. Push Up Bikini Tops

Your inner swimsuit model is calling! If you like the sexy look but need just a bit more coverage, consider a Voda Swim Envy Push Up bikini top. Give yourself the amazing cleavage and lift that you’ve always wanted and bask in the feeling of all eyes on you.

Designer swimwear isn’t just for looks, either. The right brand will offer high-quality construction, low water absorbency, and a streamlined, comfortable fit. You deserve to look great both in and out of the water!

3. Brimmed Hats

Wide-brimmed hats are the ultimate designer accessory for lounging by the water. Not only do they evoke feelings of old Hollywood with their classic design, but they also provide some much-needed sun protection on those blisteringly hot summer days.

Even if you’re lathering up with SPF every hour or so (or as you come in and out of the water), a hat can add an extra layer of defense against harmful UV rays. Plus, less sun on your face may mean fewer wrinkles later in life. Sounds like a win-win!

4. Beach Bags

As a kid or teenager, you were probably fine going to the beach with minimal supplies. A suit, a towel, and some sunscreen were all you needed to have a perfect day. But now, a day at the beach is more than just playing in the surf. Whether you’re planning a picnic or hoping to make a dent in your summer reading list, you’ve got plenty of stuff you need to carry around!

Thankfully, there are tons of stylish beach bags available to choose from. From bottomless tote bags to practical backpacks, you’re sure to find styles that are cute and convenient. Pack everything you need for a day at the beach without sacrificing your look!

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5. Cover-Ups

When you’re on the beach, you want to look cute, comfortable, and sexy. You’re looking to achieve that beach babe vibe, and that includes finding the perfect beach cover-up dress or wrap to wear while taking a walk along the shore. Finding the right designer cover-up is the cherry on top of an already perfect day. They can really tie the whole look together, making you feel as chic and luxurious as possible.

Cover-ups aren’t just for the beach, either. Wear one at the park, the pool, or while grabbing drinks at a beachside tiki bar. These are versatile pieces that offer unmatched style and an effortlessly chic aesthetic.

You’re Ready for a Great Day

Life is short, and summer is even shorter. Make the most of your next beach getaway with sexy swimsuit, cute cover-ups, and fashion-forward accessories. Enjoy the surf, lay in the sun, or wander through the local beachside tourist town—however you spend your time, you’ll have everything you need for an unforgettable day at the beach!

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