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The Best Boxing Defense Drills


Boxing is dominated by the athlete that focuses on having sharper techniques. The world-class fighters depend upon the drills to get at their best level. Boxing defense drill is the training method that boxers use in order to get more fit for their combat. It also requires a lot of patience and practice. As you have seen, world-class boxers such as Mohammad Ali and Floyd Mayweather used to perform non aggressively, instead of being aggressive they totally depend upon their boxing skills calmly. Boxing drills give you many benefits if you keep on practicing and stay motivated and dedicated. So if you want to become an outstanding boxer keep in mind that you have to dedicate your time to practicing boxing defense drills. But before that let me tell you that if you want to start practicing boxing skills from today you surely need to get suitable gear for boxing first. I would say must shop for gym outfits and other accessories from elite sports and get the best quality gym attire.

Besides that, one of the best ways by which you can improve your defensive skills is by practicing defensive techniques with the defensive drills, which includes blocking a punch and footwork. Blocking a punch is the main component that is mainly utilized by the boxer during their fighting session for defending themselves.

How can you block the punches?

Everybody adopts a different way to block the punches, it all depends upon the training of your coach. When you will practice these skills you will select the best suitable technique for your own fighting style. So a perfect way to take a start to learn boxing is with boxing defense basics.



Jab is the most powerful punch in martial arts, which you tend to learn when you start boxing. There are various manifestations of the jab that exist in boxing. Boxing with the jab helps a boxer to utilize offensive and defensive techniques. The continuous punching actually distracts the counter punches and power punches from an opponent and also keeps them away from you in the ring.

How to block jab?

  1. Put more weight on your leg so that you are able to tolerate more shock.
  2. Now put your hand up, so that you can protect your face.
  3. Open your hands in a way that your palms are facing towards your opponent.
  4. Absorb your opponent’s jab with a little bit of resistance. If you use too much resistance in order to defend yourself, it will go against you because you will end up pushing your hand down.

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The hook is another punch used in boxing, you execute it by turning your core muscles and your back as well, by swinging your arm that is bent at the angle of 90 degrees ( at the horizontal arc). A hook is basically executed at the jaw, but it can also be used for the body shot, especially at your liver.

How to block the hook?

To block the hook from your opponent

  1. Bend your knees a little bit
  2. Keep your feet planted on the floor, when you are bending your trunk, now drop down your elbow to your hips.
  3. Now, block the hook executed by your opponent by using your elbow.


Cross punch

The cross punch is actually the punch that is thrown with your dominant hand on your opponent’s straight line in a direct way. After the jab, a cross punch is mostly used, and you should also practice this punching technique because it’s the fastest way to reach out to your opponent with the power punch. Along with that, it’s the punch that is easily thrown on your opponent.


How to stop the cross punch?

Raise your dominant arm in such a way that your hands are behind your head,

Now with the help of your forearm, block the cross.

If you try to use your gloves in order to protect your face, it’s obvious that you will receive some of the impacts of a punch to your head.


Footwork as a defensive technique

In boxing defensive technique mainly consists of blocking with punches and good footwork. The good footwork should be that you are able to move quickly( when the situation becomes critical) and should maintain your balance as well. So, you can say footwork is the best form of defense. It allows you to move out of the various ranges, and away from dangerous situations as well. So good footwork also requires good balance, which ultimately means you have better speed and accuracy. And this thing will allow you to punch harder as well. So awareness of your full body from your hands to your feet is the important component in the boxing defensive system.

Along with that, there are also various defensive moves in the boxing


Block is the fundamental of boxing defense and is taught to beginners. “It involves the boxer subtly moving his or her arm and the torso to intercept and to block the punches of the opponent.”


It is much similar to the block but in parrying, you actually deflect the punch of your opponent away with your hands. Parrying is the most important skill of boxing which you should get focused on in learning if you are a beginner.


Slipping is actually similar to bobbing. It is performed when you move your head to either side( left or right) so that the opponent punch “slips” by the boxer.


Counter punching is one of the hardest and most important punches to be learned because the perfect time to hit your opponent is when he/she is executing the punch upon you. To counter, try to get the punch of your opponent in your glove and then afterward immediately shoot the hook with the same hand that you caught the punch on. Make sure that you roll with that punch in order to reduce the impact of an explosive punch.




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