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Tips and Tricks for Storing Food in Vacuum Bags


Compression bags or what is commonly known as vacuum storage bags have made our jobs easier to compress clothes and fabrics to save space and thus have gained massive popularity.

Large vacuum storage bags are handy for the backpackers who need to carry stuff, a lot of stuff, in their backpacks. It also comes handy when someone is shifting from a place to another or, has a space crunch in their homes. Vacuum storage bags also work great when storing meat, meal preps, vegetables or other liquids like juices or smoothies in freezer.

But after you have invested in a vacuum sealer, you might experience some problems in handling those. Here are a few tips and tricks (answers to common problems) for you that will help you use vacuum storage bags more efficiently.

When the Machine Is Unable to Vacuum Seal the Bag

First and foremost, check the seal of the bag. Also check if the bag is evenly fused through the whole seal. If the vacuum sealer is unable to seal the bag properly after the vacuum sealing process is over or the vacuum is released minutes after vacuum packing. This problem arises when the bags are of a low-quality or are greasy or dirty, or the sealing strip has not been warmed properly, before.

The problem with low-quality and thin vacuum storage bags is that the sealing strip can be too hot and can melt before enough vacuum is attained inside the bag. Be extra-careful when you are storing moist or greasy food like dried meat, moist fresh meat, vegetables and fruits. When you vacuum pack greasy products, especially bacon, we recommend you strongly to reverse the outer edges of the bag, put the products inside, and then reverse back the edges. This keeps the sealing area clean and remember to wipe the inside of the bag before vacuum sealing the product.

If the problems occur while you begin the vacuum packing cycles, or you use the machine after a long time, we recommend you to do an additional warm-up of the machine, by dry-running it without a bag, before you start the actual process.

When the Machine Sucks in The Liquid

It is important that you manually vacuum pump when storing fruits and vegetables, poached or blanched. You must observe in this regard the movement of the liquid in the bag. If your machine sucks in the despite you taking precautions, use the following tips to maintain the quality of moist foods, while you store them.

We would suggest you three tricks that you can use either together or separately.

First, when you are packing fresh meat or fish fillets, place a paper towel in the vacuum bags between the food item and sealing area, to absorb all the excess moisture and preventing the moisture from entering into the sealer.

The second important tip would be to prevent liquid from the food to enter the sealer. And for that you need to freeze the food slightly, for 1-2 hours before placing it inside the vacuum bag. This trick is especially recommended when you are vacuum packing delicate food items like berries, cake or bread, which perish easily. This method also prevents deformation and sticking off foods when you freeze those.

The third and final trick in this regard would be by using additional polyethylene (PE) food bag inside the vacuum bag. This method with also keep you vacuum bag clean and you would be able to use it multiple times. Place the food in the PE freezer bag and then wrap the remaining edge of the bag around the food item that you are trying to store. Now, insert the package in the vacuum bag and pack manually. Observe the liquid and you will realise that it now takes a lot more time approach the machine that it did previously.

When You Would Like to Vacuum Pack Liquids

If you want to store sauces, fresh juices, soups or smoothies in bags and refrigerate it for a longer period of time, you would require this following trick.

Freeze liquid in the container of the appropriate shape and portion size for further use, and then vacuum seal the frozen blocks in the bag.

Let us give you the final tip while we wrap up. If you are looking for the best vacuum storage bags, definitely browse through Keplin to get your hands onto the best products. The large vacuum bags by Keplin have unique double-zip seal and the triple-seal turbo valve which are designed to vacuum out every ounce of air through a suction process

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