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Top 10 Fashion Tips for Woman

Top 10 Fashion Tips for Woman


“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.” This celebrated quote from Edith Head literally defines the significance of fashion in our daily lives. It not only enhances ones looks but it also defines one’s personality and attitude towards life.

As far as style is concerned, there are certain tips and tricks that every girl swears by. Some of them work well while others do not deliver what is promised. That is why all of us need expert tips from the fashionistas, experts and designers in order to point out the parts where we go wrong and bring to us the much-needed others’ perspectives that are most coveted to achieve the flawless appeal.

So here are some fashion tips that will be useful for every girl under the sun to bring out the best in them. Just read on.

  • Be a Planner – It is true that you won’t be able to plan for everything. But don’t let your Monday mornings catch you off-guard. Just the way you ideate the weeks’ worth of meals on Sunday, if you are planning to maintain your shape you should plan the outfits in advance for days that don’t involve stress or regrets over outfits.
  • Know Your Body Type – Knowing your body is one of the basic criteria for wearing the right thing. Each and everything work around this. So, if you want to flaunt your style and want it to be well-received then know whether yours is an apple or pear-shaped body or do you sport a rectangular or hour-glass figure.
  • Invest in Good Lingerie – Good lingerie not only accentuate your body, but they also make you feel comfortable and confident from inside. So, lingerie are the things that you should invest in so that you feel and look beautiful.
  • Double Up the Layer of the Top at the Edges – Amongst the ladies, it is a dream to stay slim and trim. But many-a-times, due to the hereditary problems or changes of the lifestyle, people are not able to stay in shape.  But there are ways to look slimmer with the outfit that you construct. One of the most common one is wearing denim with a top. You should fold the lower portion of the top 2 inches above. This will help you to stay in shape at least look-wise.
  • Own the Classics like Leather, Trench and Denim Jackets – These are classic inclusions in any girl’s wardrobe. They prove themselves useful in one way or the other throughout the year.
  • Overdress When the Need Comes – If you are confused about what to put on for the occasion, consider where you are going and dress accordingly. But if you are doubtful you should always opt for getting too dressy. It is an absolute no to be the only person in your denim.
  • Own the Red Pumps – Red pumps just like the denims and trenches are a must-have for ever girl. These legendary fashion accessories empower you to strut around confidently and you will find yourself in a whole new level because of these. Every girl should experience these.
  • Never Go Out without Accessories – You should have at least one accessory on, whether it is a statement necklace, a great pair of earrings or a pop-colored scarf. That does not mean you have to over-accessorize. In case of accessories, minimum is always more memorable.
  • Layer Your Outfits -In order to add definition to amp up the look you should layer your outfit. It also helps to camouflage any unappealing flab.
  • Red Lipstick – This is one of the best fashion “it-hacks” that every gal should know. You should always enhance your pout with a cherry-red lipstick that best suits your skin tone. It makes you flaunt your confidence like no other.

The above are some of the fashion tips that are suggested by the experts of renowned event company. These are fashion tips that every girl should know in order to look their best. Having said that, you should keep in mind that nothing else can make your look better than your confidence. No matter what you wear always keep your chin up and take the world in your stride.



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