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Top 8 Skills Of An SEO Manager

Search Engine Optimization forms the backbone of the digital marketing and brand creation activities that go online. That’s why a skilled SEO professional is always seen in demand in the digital marketing domain. Be it big, medium, or small brands, everyone today has an online presence that they want to capitalize upon.

To do that effectively for them they need professionals who have hands-on practical expertise of the same. SEO managers are at the top of that ladder where strategy, planning, and the process of execution of the optimization takes place. We can recommended this website for hiring top SEO manager if you are a business or an enterprise.

However, as you are here we expect you to be some budding SEO manager who is looking for skills that can up your employ ability. Since there is a lot of demand for SEO professionals in the market it doesn’t mean that anyone with below-par skills can sail. You may enter the industry with a low skill set however to climb the ladder and reach the top you need to garner skills as per the need of the market. Not going here and there much, let’s look at those top 8 skills that you must learn if you aim to become a professional and effective SEO Manager.

Critical Evaluation

Critical evaluation of critical thinking is a very important skill that an SEO professional must-have. The firms look for SEO professionals who can solve the problem by finding out what went wrong with their previous plan based on self-assessment. To do that you have to look at the problems and SEO plans from various perspectives and angles to develop a sense that is unique and an approach that fits the scheme of things.

Communication Skills

This is perhaps the most important skill that is required in the professional sphere. In the SEO space, it has all the more importance. The reason is that you have to interact with clients on behalf of the firm and understand them well to offer an effective solution. Further, you have to manage a team of SEO executives as a manager and you need to be clear with your plans and instructions to ensure what is expected from them is delivered on time.


Managerial skills are to be mastered if you plan to push yourself up in the SEO hierarchy in terms of position and authority. From managing multiple projects to tracking their progress, interacting with clients and updating them, and managing teams that are working on different projects all this takes the best of the management skill at the display. This is something that you can develop by building schedules, plans and making sure that these are going well by keeping a check on them.


You might say that’s not part of the domain. It’s the IT and development team that handles it. Yes, you are right but a few programming skills at your disposal not only add strength to the technical skills on the CV but make your working as an SEO professional smooth. From HTML, Python to Java and CSS you can brush up on the basics of coding to offer more thoughtful insights to the development team on what you want rather than always relying on their perspective. Further knowing such skills would help you to solve certain day-to-day things like writing a short script for graphics, tags, etc.


To bring the best solutions you have to dig deep and research how things can go wrong and what to avoid. Also, you need to compare and contrast the strategies that your competitors are using while understanding the best practices in the market. From planning keywords to designing the page you need to do the research and find out what would work and what not. The whole SEO strategy that you would chalk out would be the result of the research you do.

Decision Making

This is something that you expect at a managerial level right? Taking quick calls and finalizing things, budgets, teams to work on projects are decisions that you have to take on a routine basis. If you are not good at making the cut then the workflow would be obstructed and you would be in an entire mess. Thus, taking quick and effective decisions is a must-have skill.

Data Management

Data is the core of everything that you do as a part of SEO. From targeting the desired user base to capturing the new market you need to plan your SEO campaigns as per the data you gather and the data you assess. If you are not good at it you would have to face problems in designing effective SEO strategies.

Content Marketing

Content is everything and if you are not good at managing it everything is screwed up. In fact, content marketing is one of the important skills that SEO professionals learn as a part of the training they get. If you are not having much awareness about it then it’s something you should surely take time to learn and understand.

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