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Top 8 Souvenirs You Must Buy from Iceland

Most of the people imagine Iceland to be a very cold place with a frozen landscape and snow all over. To some extent it’s true but you can’t expect Iceland to be covered with snow for entire 12 months. Iceland is known to be the land of Fire and Ice, so you can experience both types of weather conditions here. You will find many great glaciers, lava fields, hot springs and many active and extinct volcanoes. Moreover, Iceland is not only known for providing natural wonders but also has a rich cultural heritage. 


For adventurous people, this place is considered as best. Iceland has a lot to offer. You can experience many sports activities like horse riding, hiking, skiing, rafting, sport fishing and many more activities. 


If you are thinking to visit Iceland then you should hire a reputable self-drive tours company in Iceland to avoid all types of inconveniences and trouble. Through self-drive tours, you will not miss any type of scenic view and you will be able to enjoy your entire journey. 


If you want to remember Iceland even after years of your visit then it’s best to buy a SouvenirUsually, a souvenir is a type of a gift or a present that will remind you about a particular place, event or a person. So, if you want to remember this beautiful place for ages then there are various things which will remind you of this place. 


Know about Different Souvenir You can Buy from Iceland


Icelandic Fisherman’s Sweater

Iceland’s sheep are known for producing the world’s softest, warmest and water-resistant wool. With its attractive pattern around the shoulders and a wide range of variety, these sweaters will keep reminding you of your amazing trip. The yarn which is used is made of unspun sheep wool, is the reason why it contains more air than the spun yarn. Therefore, these sweaters have better insulation properties. 


Moreover, not only the Icelandic fisherman’s sweaters are popular but also other woollen products including blankets, hats are known for its excellent quality and durability.


Antique Artwork

If you are thinking to gift someone something unique and different then you will find many commercial galleries in Iceland. Every shop in Iceland will provide you with a different type of pieces which will reflect the culture and tradition of Iceland. Moreover, if you want something smaller and handy then check out the other exhibits at the downtown area. This area has many well-known cafes such as Mokka café, Port Verkefnarymi and Bismut café.


Plus while visiting these cafes you will experience great art on the walls. These cafes are among the oldest cafes in Reykjavik. 


Iceland’s Liquor

In Iceland, there is a large variety of Icelandic beers, spirits and even the good version of Coca-Cola. And Iceland is known to be very famous for its alcohol production. Do you know which is the signature drink of Iceland? Brennivin is known to be the most famous drink in Iceland. The word “Brennivin” means burning wine and this is one of the major reason why people try it. Plus this drink is known for having a unique taste.


This drink is similar to vodka and flavoured with Caraway. In Iceland, there are no shops which are opened late at night for providing wine or any type of alcoholic drink. 



Many shops in Iceland will make you available with incredible Icelandic jewellery. And the jewellery made by Icelandic people is inspired by natural landscapes and formations which is used for making necklaces, rings and earrings. Generally, there is craze about lava jewellery amongst tourists in Iceland. But half of the population doesn’t know that this type of jewellery is imported from other countries. 


If you find a stone with a polished surface then it’s not a genuine piece. On the other hand, if it has a rough surface then it’s found to be a genuine piece. 


Christmas Decorations

There is a huge craze among the tourists for Christmas goodies and decoration stuff. In Iceland Christmas is celebrated with great prompt and show. And you can experience every corner and street decorated and covered with lights all around. Moreover, there are many cool traditions which you might not be familiar with. This indicates that there are many different types of souvenirs which you can buy. The part about the Christmas decoration souvenirs is that you can protect them for years. 


Moreover, during the winter season, you will find many cute and little Christmas markets all around the Reykjavik. 


Icelandic Food Treats

There is a wide range of food treats like dried fish, liquorice is hidden chocolate and many more eatables. If you want to try all the delicacies of Iceland then you must try these few snacks:


  • Skyr

It is not a type of a present which you can gift someone but this is a food item which you can try if you are in Iceland. This is a type of Greek yoghurt which is produced like a cheese. But this is bitter thicker than yoghurt and it tastes like unflavoured yoghurt. Skyr is available in different flavours from coconut to the lemon cake. 


  • Appelsin

This is a very old and tradition orange soda which tourists carry along with them for gifting. This soda is produced in Iceland since 1955. This soda is known to be fizzier than other types of sodas. Moreover, it’s known to be a very refreshing drink and half of the population have it during the Christmas season. 


  • Chocolate covered Liquorice

Imagine tasting salty-sweet flavour paired with a creamy chocolate cover. These liquor chocolates are known for providing a huge attraction among the tourist. Moreover, some people carry them along to gift their friends and relatives.


Reindeer Pelts

Icelanders are known for having a special relationship with the reindeer. And they consider it as a national symbol for smoking it over the wood chips and serve it as a delicacy. The furry and warm material of the reindeer which is left behind is used as a decorative purpose for cushions and quilts. 


Beauty and Skincare Products

Most the women might be expecting some beauty and skincare products from you if you are visiting Iceland. Due to purity most of the products that are manufactured here are free from all type of chemical materials. Never forget to take a cleansing Silica mud mask which is made from snow-white mud.

These beauty products will provide you with flawless and glowing skin.


So, why are you holding back yourself? Plan a trip to Iceland now!



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