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TOSH VALLEY TREK- The Best of Nature.


Himachal Pradesh is always a good choice to spend holidays in the mountains. The place has so many beautiful and scenic hill stations, one of them is Tosh. Tosh is a small village in the Himachal Pradesh which is located at 7,900ft in elevation on a hill near Kasol in the Parvati Valley. The Tosh valley trek is considered as one of the most charming trekking destinations.

The Tosh valley is famous for snow clad views of Peaks, green hills, waterfalls, blue skies and breathtaking landscapes of the mountains. Parvati Valley is blessed with the alpine, verdant, tricky trails and mystic alleys which are waiting to be explored.
A perfect place for nature lovers and backpackers. Tosh and Kasol are must-visit offbeat destinations in Himachal Pradesh. Both places are famous to experience Hippie culture.

The Tosh trek will take you to snow-capped mountains, green valleys and you will see a large variety of flora and fauna like Himalayan Blue Poppies, marsh marigolds, primulas, and Himalayan balsam flowers. The place has also Himalayan brown & black bears which are occasionally seen.

Tosh is located at the far end of Parvati Valley near Barshaini village. Barshaini- a beautiful hamlet that is also a favorite place to trekkers located in between Tosh and Kasol. Kasol is a peaceful place with its scenic surroundings and white snowy mountains to wander around and have fun. The distance between Kasol to Tosh is 20 km which can be easily covered by a short trek. The nearby places are Malana, Rasol, Kasol, Pulga, and other small villages.
It is also close to the base of Kheerganga Trek.

Apple orchards are also big source of income for the local people. Villagers also sell hashih and earn money, as the place is a perfect and most popular spot for rave and psychedelic parties. Wooden houses in the village gives a perfect example of architecture in the mountains. You will get a chance to explore the local life of villagers reciting there and can also enjoy living with them by staying at homestays rather than living in a hotel or guest house.
Camping in Parvati Valley is best to experience the captivating views of nature.
Mostly, you will find cafes & food places serving North Indian, Continental, and European food and are a bit expensive as it is not very easy to manage raw material in these areas.

All seasons are best to visit Tosh Valley except monsoons. In summers, during the of May and June, the weather is pleasant and calm. The temperature stays around 25-degree celsius. In this season, the place gets crowded. It is also known as the party hub.
In Winters, from September to December. The temperature drops down to -8-degree celsius. The place is less crowded during this time. And offseason you will get bikes on rent and stays at cheap prices. The weather remains soothing and pleasant. You will experience breathtaking views of lush green meadows, waterfalls, and Parvati valley.

Tosh is located in the Kullu district, Himachal Pradesh. A lot of transportation facility is available from Delhi and other major cities. You can take a direct bus from Delhi to Manali. And get down to Bhuntar by taking another Bus from Manali. Bhuntar is very near to Barshaini, reach Barshaini by any local transport or bus. You will start your adventure trek to Tosh Valley from Barshaini.

The Tosh Valley Trek is comfortable and short trek that can be done in 1 or 2 days until you decide to trek till Tosh Glacier. Papasura, White Sail, Pinnacle, and Devachan surrounds the Tosh Glacier. Moving further this trek will go rocky and muddy and make it hard to scale.

Tosh Valley and Kasol trek commonly be done together as both the places are very near and a gateway to other treks like Kheerganga and Grahan Trek.

There are so many other treks that you can do in Parvati Valley near Tosh Valley:

Malana: A quaint and ancient village located at a distance of 4 km from Kasol is another amazing place to explore and trekking. The place is very famous for Malana Cream ( a drug made by using cannabis). An easy trek from Kasol to Malana will take you to embrace the beauty of nature.

Chalal: A peaceful hamlet, connected by a narrow bridge from Kasol. Chahal is a quiet destination mostly preferred by nature-lovers. This village is tucked in the mountains near Kasol and counted as the most beautiful and scenic treks in Parvati Valley.

Rasol: A quiet and another charming village in the heart of Parvati Valley. It is an 8km trek from Kasol all filled with greenery and scenic views. Jagdamini Temple is one of the popular tourist attractions of Rasol. One should visit the Jagdamini Temple and get a chance to know about the mysterious story about the temple from local villagers.

Manikaran ( Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara)
Another small town in the Parvati Valley on Parvati River in the Kullu District, Himachal Pradesh. It is located at a distance of 4 km ahead of Kasol. The place is very famous for its hot springs and attracts a lot of tourists every year. Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara and Lord Shiva Temple is the most beautiful tourist attraction and attracts a lot of pilgrims every year.

Kheerganga Trek
The famous and thrilling adventure trek near Kasol is another new adventure one can undertake while trekking in Tosh Valley. Kheerganga is the most daunting trek in the Himalayan region. The trek is of 14km and can be started from Barshaini and Pulga. A perfect escape for trekkers.

Take a break from a busy boring life and do some adventure. Tosh is the best place to find peace. Spend some days in the laps of nature and get lost in the serene beauty of the mountains.
Live. Travel. Explore.


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