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Towel workout for abs

Ab workout should always be the focus point for everyone who wants better results in fitness.

looking for strong abs and you don’t have much credits to join any membership then don’t worry I  will tell you some simple variations through this vlog through which you can achieve flat abs while sitting at home.

All you need is strong mindset and dedication towards your workouts. don’t go for a heavy plates , dumbbells just take a simple long and strong cloth or a simple bathroom towel that all you need .

I always suggest everyone to include core exercises into your daily routine that helps to give you stable and strong body posture. so you can add these core workout into your regular strength sessions or may be you can try at the end of your workout session.

Perform each activity for 50seconds with a 10 second recovery as ,I did it very fast in this video as to save time to show you all other activities .


1. Sit on the floor with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. grab the towel and hold it tight with arms outstretched .slowly move your body upwards with both arms outreached in front of your shoulders. return back to sitting position and repeat process for about 2 minutes.

2. Try to do Russian twist in next activity .sit on the floor with knees bent and feet crossed . grab the towel with arms straight and hold it tight. make an angle of 45 degree at both ends and twist your waste from both end and keep Everything else still throught the move.and then repeat the activity for about 2 minutes

3. lying on the floor and hold towel with both the hands and make v shap grab from your forehead and do half crunches .try to pull your head with towel and apply little fire with hands to pick your head up and fe the tension towards upper abs .repeat this activity for 10 reps .

4. Sit in L shape with both feets facing towards camera and roll your towel and try to grab it from under the legs while giving little space to rotate your towel and then slowly collect from other hand from top of your legs. whe you are finished with this activity now you can use alternate legs and move towels from upside down without touching your feet on floor

By using a simple handy towel you can reduce extra fat layer around the belly it not only helps you in maintaining your fat layer but also it effectively curing your back pain and further strengthen your abdomens


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