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Trending Tech for Your Kitchen


Trends in technology are ever-evolving. While the tech of the early 2000’s was mainly focused on bringing personal computers into the homes of the masses, it’s not uncommon in 2021 for a cellphone to contain more computing power than a state-of-the-art Compaq Presario.


Trendy or not, it’s hard to deny the impact of technology on our lives. This is especially true around our homes, where smart TVs and streaming devices have eliminated the need for wasteful packaging from DVDs and home videos. Likewise, smartphones have replaced our more traditional means of communication, such as landline telephones and even emails.


So what’s the next big trend in home tech? You’ll find it in your kitchen!

Steam Ovens for Healthier Cooking

Less than five years ago, air fryers exploded in popularity around the world. Crispy, delicious foods with reduced oil? It almost sounds too good to be true. Now, in the US, you’d be hard-pressed to find a home that doesn’t have an air fryer sitting on the kitchen countertop.


Well, move over, air fryer! There’s another big player in the game of healthier cooking, and this time it’s steaming!


Steam ovens are predicted to take over our kitchens in the coming years, and for abundant reason. Steam reduces the need for oil in cooking, allowing foods to be cooked with way fewer calories. Additionally, cooking with steam preserves nutrients that could otherwise be lost by boiling or frying foods.


You can already try steam-cooking for yourself by checking out the sleek countertop models available to purchase.

Smart Fridges Prevent Food Waste

Smart fridges were introduced around 2016 and have quickly become more affordable and accessible. They’re easily found at most home appliance stores and are often offered in luxury apartments as a high-ticket appliance to attract tech-savvy renters.


What makes them so useful? To start, smart fridges typically have a display screen where you can make grocery lists, add events to your personal calendar, and leave notes for family members. 


More advanced smart fridges contain internal cameras that can be accessed from your phone remotely. This allows you to check if you’re actually out of an ingredient before purchasing it, reducing the possibility of food waste.

Countertop Projectors Do-It-All

A newer kitchen tech innovation, the countertop projector is useful for almost every function you need to perform in your kitchen.


Countertop projectors can control your appliances, scan the thickness of foods, and even provide you with useful tips about how long to cook foods. For example, if you’re cooking up a particularly thick steak, your countertop projector will instruct you on the perfect temperature for the medium-rare you’re dying for.


If you’re an avid baker, the countertop project will allow you to project patterns onto cakes, cupcakes, and cookies to help guide your designs and patterns as you decorate your sweet creations.

Kitchen Trends to Come

While all of these smart kitchen devices may seem too good to be true, you can actually find all of them available for purchase already. And as they gain popularity, you’ll find them at lower prices and in more kitchens across the world.


Read on for more information on current kitchen tech trends and where we can expect them to head in the coming years on Hippo’s blog.


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