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Understanding the Fragrances to Get the Best Out of Those

Understanding the Fragrances to Get the Best Out of Those


A fragrance is a final touch to our outfit, whether you are a man or woman. Good and appealing designer perfumes have the power to convey about your personality and snatches the attention of people nearby. Therefore, it is essential to pick the fragrance that conveys your mood, persona and identity. Before considering the fragrance, you should give this article a read to let us understand all about the fragrance notes.


Understanding the Notes

Whether it is low-cost perfume or an expensive one, fragrances are described according to its top, middle and base notes. The top note also called as the opening note is the one you smell immediately after opening the bottle. It the first impression of the fragrance, that volatilizes quickly.


The middle note or the heart note can be sensed when top note vanishes or fade away. It is adjudged as a major part of the fragrance that lasts for longer as compared to top note. The type of fragrances used in the middle note is carefully composed and balanced.


The base note is the last note of the perfume. It lasts longest than other notes of the perfume. It gives a lasting impression as it lingers on skin and clothes for hours. The base note, when combining with middle or heart note creates meaningfulness of that fragrance.


This was all about the notes, now the next thing which important to understand is not known to everyone unless they are very particular about their perfume is the type of fragrances that signifies its power.


Extrait De Parfum Or Pure Perfume

It has the highest concentration of fragrances, which means it contains more essential oil and less alcohol than other fragrances. Due to this, you are less likely to dry out your skin or caught skin allergy if you have sensitive skin.


Eau De Parfum (EDP)

Eau de parfum is another strongest smelling perfume that contains 10-20 per cent of perfume oil. The oil percentage is less than pure perfume but, greater than any other type of perfume. On average, it lasts for four to five hour and is less expensive than pure perfume. It is one of the most common and is an appropriate fit for everyday wear.


Eau De Toilette

One of the most popular ranges of fragrance is Eau de Toilette. They are less concentrated and contains more alcohol hence are cheaper than EDP. It lasts up to 2-3 hours and hence it is best for those who like to switch up their perfume a few times a day. For people with sensitive skin, they are the best pick as it is light and not overpowering.


Eau De Cologne (EDC)

The concentration of oil fragrance is much lesser than Eau de Parfum and pure perfume and has a higher concentration of alcohol. Due to which it is lesser expensive than any other type of fragrances. They are generally worn by men due to its not so overpowering smell. Eau de cologne uses traditional recipes in which herb and citrus notes are used with base notes.


Eau Fraiche

They are similar to EDC and last up to two hours. It has an even lower concentration than any other perfume and is water-based, therefore it does not contain a high amount of alcohol. It creates a soft and delicate fragrance.


Purchasing perfume is one’s personal decision. It is a luxurious expression of love that everyone loves. Fragrance cosmetic perfumes have an amazing range of cheap perfume gift sets available with them, which you can gift your loved ones. Explore and choose the best that fits your personality.

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