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Ways To Work with PDFs to Improve Your Productivity

PDF files are very important for any kind of work. In this world of paperless work, we are working more on PDF files. Therefore, learning to manage them, edit them, work on them, and keep them safe is an essential thing to know. Do you know, that now you can easily manage and improve your productivity game for PDF files easily without buying an expensive product? Well, you heard that right! There are various ways and tricks which will improve your productivity and will help you in managing PDF files on your PC easily and effectively. In this blog, we will be discussing some easy and effective ways to work with PDF files for improving your productivity. So, let’s get started.
Easy Ways to Work with PDFs to Improve your Productivity

In this blog, we will be taking the help of Advanced PDF Manager for improving our productivity level of PDF files. Advanced PDF Manager is an easy-to-use and simple PDF reading, editing, and managing tool developed by Tweaking Technologies. This tool helps users in improving their PDF management skills without any hassle. This tool lets users perform PDF-related tasks like editing, highlighting, merging, splitting, removing, and more. This product is a pocket-friendly tool priced at $39.95.

1. Editing a PDF
The most important part to increase your productivity in PDFs is to know how to edit your PDF files to word files. When you want to edit any PDF file, you can directly convert it into a word file so that you can edit or update it accordingly. Later, we used to follow a different time-taking method. But, now we can directly edit or update PDF files by just converting them. For easy-peasy work, you can upload the file to Google Docs. This is one of the fastest ways to convert a file into a doc.

2. Encrypt PDFs
If you want to restrict other users from any specific file, you can use the encrypt option. With the help of Advanced PDF Manager, you can directly create a password using the “Protect Button.” While creating a password, make sure you’re creating a strong password that no one can easily break.

3. Rotate Multiple PDFs
If you want to rotate or change the orientation of multiple PDF files together, now you can do it easily using Advanced PDF Manager. You can take the help “Rotate” button for rotating the specific files or multiple files in one go. This is one of the best and most highly used tools when learning to improve your productivity in PDF Management tools.

4. Turning a PDF into a photo
If you love sharing image files instead of PDF files, now you can easily convert your PDF files into images and regularly send them like a pro. Don’t worry; you won’t have to take long steps for doing so. I am going to tell you how you can convert a PDF file into an image with high resolutions and crispness. You can directly convert the PDF into JPG format by using any website available on the internet. Such websites also let you choose the resolution power. Therefore, you can do it accordingly. JPG files are easy to save, open, and access anywhere and anytime. This tip can be the most efficient tip for increasing your productivity level.

5. Merging and Splitting PDF files
Sometimes, we get into trouble when we cannot attach multiple PDF documents in a single mail. Additionally, this becomes troublesome for the recipient as well since they are not able to understand or evaluate all the PDF files in one go. But, now we can merge PDF files to make them one single file. This helps in sending the email to the recipient in one go. With the help of Advanced PDF Manager, now you can merge files easily. You can use the “Merge” button for merging multiple files into one single file.
If you wish to split one PDF file into multiple PDF files, with the help of Advanced PDF Manager, you can also split files for evaluation. You can use the “Split” option for splitting the file into multiple files.

6. Removing PDF Pages
If you want certain pages to be removed, you can easily do that with the help of Advanced PDF Manager. You can directly add the PDF file from which you wish to remove pages, select the Page or Pages you wish to remove, and directly hit the Remove button. Additionally, you can also reorder the PDF file using Advanced PDF Manager.
I hope this blog helps you with the best and most effective ways to improve your productivity in terms of handling, managing, and editing PDF files.
Thanks for reading!

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