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Ways to Zen-ify Your Living Room

In today’s busy world, it’s a wise idea to have a space where you can always go to relax and unwind. Creating an area where you can sit and rest your mind, soul, and spirit gives you the opportunity to relax and refocus, and come out feeling more purposeful. Turn your living room into a sacred space with these tips to achieve the zen-like feel that you need.

7 Ways to Zen-ify Your Living Room

  • Diffusers

Essential oils have various scents that release endorphins to help relax and soothe your mind and body. Aromatherapy through a diffuser is good for mental health; rosemary to help awaken the mind, peppermint to restimulate, lavender to relax and calm tension, black seed oil to improve the condition of the skin and hair, sweet basil for energy, and Kratom for its euphoric effects.

Add a diffuser to your room for an even easier way to bring in your preferred zen aromas. Diffusers come in different forms, such as steam, reeds, fountains, and more. Choose your favorite diffuser style and you’re ready to relax.

  • Crystal Decor

Bring a touch of natural sparkle and light to your room with crystal prisms. When sunlight creates rainbow designs from prisms in the room, it creates a mesmerizing display of colors. Some creative items that bring in crystal rainbows are gemstone suncatchers, holographic rainbow window film, small window clings, or crystal prism balls.  

You can also add other gemstones to your crystal prisms to bring in more natural properties. Amethyst is a beautiful purple gem associated with meditation and clarity, cherry quartz brings peace and comfort, and sapphire offers wisdom and concentration. Design your own preferred crystal decor and let the sun shine on it to get the most from nature’s jewels.

  • Cozy Blankets

Whether you sit on the floor or in a chair, feeling a comfortable blanket around or underneath you helps enhance the relaxation. Bundle up under an Egyptian cotton blanket to enjoy the warm feeling of the soft, breathable fabric. Once you get comfortable, anything you do next is guaranteed to feel more relaxing.

  • Floor Lamp

Leave the ceiling light off and use a floor lamp to bring a softer glow to the room. Use it as an accent light on a cloudy day. 

Simply-styled floor lamps are a popular trend. Find a floor lamp design that goes with your room’s style, whether a tall single pole or tri-pole table with a lamp up top. We recommend you choose a dimmable light, so you can enjoy your preferred brightness at any time.

  • Neon Light Sign

Bring a little color and positive words to your living room with a neon light sign. The neon look of the sign will bring some energy and excitement to the room, as well as a little extra ambient light. If white noise is comforting to you, the soft buzz of the neon light is sure to enhance the zen. If you choose a customizable neon sign with a phrase, choose the words carefully; perhaps select an inspirational message that will help you refocus and realign.

  • Plants

Plants not only refresh and clean out the air in your living room but also add a very calming effect to the space. Some great plant ideas for your zen-filled living room are: 

  • Jasmine plants for a beautiful flowering plant that helps reduce stress.
  • Snake plants for the ease of headaches and cleaner air.
  • Areca plants for cleaner air, lower anxiety, and lower blood pressure.
  • Music 

Play your favorite calming music as you sit in your living room, relaxing and detoxing from life. Water and nature sounds relax the body, soul, and spirit. Listen to the peaceful sounds and envision the beauty of nature around you as you relax; you’ll be glad that you did.

Enjoy Your Zen-filled Room

Start designing your relaxing living room today and enjoy the sounds of music, sights of rainbow prisms, ambient light, and fresh air. No matter how you decide to zen-ify your living room, your choices will help you regain a sense of calmness with every minute you spend in there.

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