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Welcomes you Trimbkeshwar Temple

Actor Amit yadav starter webseries “Mr or Miss Fraud” is all set to release this year on OTT’s

The webseries is directed by Anubhav shrivastava, produced by Satyam srivastav & Amit yadav . The lead actors of this webseries are Actor Amit yadav & Priyanka Rajpoot . Fans are eagerly awaiting the film. The stars are all ready, and the excitement level is high. Actor Amit Yadav also spotted going to different places for the promotion and astonished their fans.

Actor Amit Yadav takes a break from his film shooting schedule to visit Nashik for taking blessings of Lord shiva ” Trimbkeshwar shiva Temple

This is not the first time actor spotted at religious place. Earlier for other webseries promotions Actor visit various religious places like shridi, siddhi Vinayak , Avantika mandir etc.

Trimbakeshwar is one of the holy places of not only Maharashtra but the whole India is near Nashik. Trimbakeshwar is one of the twelve Jyotirlingaas of Lord Shiva. The temple lies in the foothill of mountain Bramhagiri which is the origin of river Ganga (called here by name Godavari).
The most attractive part of this temple is presence of 3 linga’s each representing Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. All three resides in a hallow space within the Shiva lingam.

To seek blessings for his upcoming webseries “Mr or Miss Fraud” . He is very kind-hearted person who entertains fans. To checkout updates regarding Actor amit yadav biography, Filmography, Portfolio do visit his IMDb account.


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