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What coloured lenses suit my eyes the best

 Naturally colored contact lenses are intended to imitate the iris of the eye. The interesting part is that the iris is not just one colour but it is a mixture of different colours, lines and dots and the sizes of the iris differs in individuals. That is why you will find many stores giving out 2-3 toned lenses with natural colours. And if your are looking for more variety then visit mesmereyezwholesale.co.uk are offering excellent Halloween contact lenses wholesale.

Wearing coloured contact lenses enhance the beauty of your eye colour and to get the best look of your eye you need to get the right coloured contact lenses which match with your natural eye colour. That is why we are going to discuss right here what colours will suit best to your eyes.

Coloured contact lenses are available in three categories which are opaque, enhancers and visibility tinted. The colour tone of your eyes will decide which type would suit you best.

Opaque lenses will completely hide your original colour that is why they are better for dark coloured eyes, on the other hand if you have light colored eyes you are better off choosing enhancer lenses which will literally enhance the colour of your eyes and make them more beautiful.


What are best color contact lenses for brown eyes?

People with brown or dark colored eyes should opt for opaque eye contacts as these will totally cover and hide your original colour and give you a completely new tint. Below are some tips


Blue contacts

Blue contacts on brown coloured eyes have been a popular choice among users. So what can you expect?

Light blue contacts on dark brown eyes will result in dark blue eyes, similarly adding bright blue on brown eyes will give a result which will be equivalent to sea blue eyes . 

Another great option can be the use of green contacts, they will produce a great look but it will vary greatly will different tones of brown.


What are best color contact lenses for blue eyes?

Having blue eyes itself is quite rare, your eye colour could wary greatly from dark blue like the sapphire to light blue. Darker shade of blue will allow you to use different shade of blue coloured contacts in opaque category
Similarly if you have light colored eyes you would be advised to choose enhancement colored lenses to brighten or beautify their look.


What are best color contact lenses to for green eyes?

There is always some discussion when it comes to green eyes as whether they are light or dark coloured eyes that they are essentially brown with fat molecules around the iris. 

Anyways, popular colors to wear if you have green eyes include light brown or hazel coloured contacts.

Some also opt for opaque tints in violet or dark blue colour to give off a bolder impression. 

What are best color contact lenses for my skin tone?

Yellow based skin tones

If you have a warmer or  yellow based skin tone it would be better to opt for caramelhoney or hazel coloured contacts. Yellow shaded or light brown contacts will make you look ‘faded’


Dark Skintones

On darker skin tones the white of your eye is quite prominent and that is why it would be good for you to choose something will immerse in with it. The shade of green or violet will work best with such skin  tones.


What about your color of your hair?

When it comes to hair colour you can either choose to go for contrasting or similar coloured contacts, both would look good depending on the hair colour. For example on darker hair light coloured lenses such as grey would look amazing similarly light hazel contacts on dark brown hair work best.

Having blonde hair is a blessing for anyone, almost every coloured contact work on them. Still the most popular choices on blonde have been green and blue.
While green coloured contacts complement red hair amazingly well. 


So what areas should you consider when you are buying your natural colored contact lenses?

What is your natural eye colour?

Having light or dark colored eyes will definitely influence how your contacts will look when wearing them.


Skin Tone

Black, white, hispanic, asian and other skin tones must be considered when choosing your coloured contacts. Blondes and brunettes may choose similar colour contacts but how they look may vary due to their hair colours.



The color of the eye shadow may conflict or it may blend in, you will need to see for yourself, with your contact lenses so you may want to think about the colour range before opting for contacts. 


Of course, the outfit needs to match and complement the contacts. We will suggest that you first get your coloured contact lenses on the basis of your eye colour, skin tone and hair colour and then choose the outfil accordingly.


Bold or subtle look

We’ve looked at a number of distinguishing factors and how they can influence on your overall look particularly in the case of eye, skin and hair colors.

In the end it will be your decision to choose how you want to look, you may want to stand out with a bold look or just find the right combination of colours which suit you best. 

Anyways, just make sure you find yourself the right Halloween contact lenses wholesale from mesmereyezed.

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