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Where to Spend Your Honeymoon

A honeymoon is a thrilling adventure, and there are so many sentimental places for an extraordinary honeymoon. Listed below are some phenomenal locations to celebrate a new marriage with the person you love.


The Dominican Republic




The Dominican Republic is a tropical, breathtaking Caribbean nation. Its turquoise waters, beach activities, carnivals, and rich culture make for a fascinating honeymoon. There are astounding sites and pastimes for couples when visiting the Dominican Republic. Some of them are:


  • National parks, such as Jaragua or Cave of Miracles National park. The country is packed full of them.
  • During the month of February, there is a massive carnival and parade throughout the country. The purpose is to celebrate the Dominican people and culture. These are mostly in big cities, such as Puerta Plata and Santiago.
  • This tropical paradise has no shortage of beaches. For a specific example, in the Southeast, the La Romana and Bayahibe beaches are very mellow and near a coconut grove.
  • Santo Domingo, the country’s capital, has theaters, museums, and many historical sites.


Language: Spanish

Currency: Dominican Peso

Capital: Santo Domingo

Transportation: Public buses or a car rental

Climate: Tropical and hot all year, muggy May-October




Greece is a Southeastern European Country packed with historic sites, lovely beaches, and ancient mythology.  It’s a wonderful location for honeymoon couples to learn about together.


Because Greece has such a rich culture and history, there are many romantic, ancient places to visit such as:


  • The Acropolis in Athens is an ancient fortress at the top of the city that tells stories of former times. It is a spectacular sight to behold.
  • The Castle of Astypalaia, located on the Greek Island Astypalaia was was built for defense. It was home to a church and some homes.
  • Shipwreck Beach is located near the town of Zakynthos. Visitors can only come to this beach by boat, and sometimes access is limited. However, if the opportunity presents itself, it’s worthwhile. There is a shipwrecked boat on the beach that was washed ashore in 1983, which was rumored to be smuggling illegal cigarettes and alcohol.
  • Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece. This is located in a national park near Litochoro. Climbing Mount Olympus is quite a hike, but the views are more than worth the trek.
  • Delphi, which is an ancient Greek town on the side of a hill. It has impeccable ruins and remains that speak volumes of ancient culture.


Language: Greek

Currency: Euro

Capital: Athens

Transportation: buses, car services, trains

Climate: Differs depending on the area, but predominantly Mediterranean (warm, wet winters and hot, dry summers)


Costa Rica



For adventure and exhilaration in the great outdoors, Costa Rica is a wonderful place for newlyweds to bond. The wildlife and landscape there are mesmerizing, and there are a variety of ways to take it all in with your spouse. Listed below are some ideas:


  • Trek and explore on top of an active volcano
  • Take a boat tour or zip-line through a luscious rainforest
  • Jump into huge waterfalls
  • Experience a hike to a hot spring
  • Visit the city of San Jose for a cultural experience
  • Try exquisite food and shopping in other local towns
  • Take advantage of the economical and biodiverse environment by attempting mindfulness and relaxation. This can be done as a couple through yoga or other forms of meditation.


Language: Spanish

Currency: Costa Rica colón

Capital: San Jose

Transportation: Trains, rental cars, buses, car services (such as Uber)

Climate: The wet season is from April to December, but the other months are typically pretty dry.


Las Vegas, NV


Las Vegas is a great place for a dazzling honeymoon with endless nightlife, shows, and entertainment. However, there’s more to Vegas than what it’s famous for. Honeymooners can also:

  • Hike
  • Go to museums
  • Eat at world-class restaurants
  • Ride horses and/or ATVs
  • Zipline through the city
  • Helicopter over the city
  • Stay at prestigious resorts
  • Ride carnival and roller coaster rides
  • Receive a spa treatment for couples

A Las Vegas honeymoon can be composed of anything you and your loved one would like.


Language: English

Currency: US Dollar

Transportation: buses or car services

Climate: Hot and dry throughout the year




Yucatan, Mexico




The Yucatan Peninsula, most famous for the popular resort town of Cancun, is a great place for honeymooners. As always, there is the option to stay at an all-inclusive beach resort with boundless recreational activities. Aside from that, other things to do in the Yucatan include:


  • Exploring other cities. The Peninsula is packed with other towns full of extravagant culture, such as Merida and Progreso. The Yucatan was once the home of the Mayans, and they have left behind pieces of their ancient customs.


  • Not only have Mayans left behind some of their traditions, but they also left behind ruins as well. There’s the famous Chichén Itzá, as well as some other lesser-known ruins, such as Uxmal and Tulum.


  • The Yucatan is filled with Cenotes (sinkholes) which are underground caves filled with water. These Cenotes come from a crater that hit the earth over 100,000 years ago. Swimming in one is unforgettable.




The Yucatan is a charming place for couples to appreciate together.



Language: Spanish

Currency: Mexican Pesos

State Capital: Merida

Transportation: Buses or car services

Climate: Hot year around, with peak humidity in April and May




Samoa isn’t overrun by other travelers, which creates fewer distractions and more opportunities for newlyweds. Honeymooners have the chance to focus more on harmony and companionship. Without other tourists, there’s also a possibility to get a more in-depth taste of the locales. The natives are friendly and there are village shops and restaurants with personality.


Fun activities for honeymooners:

  • Watch fire dancers perform
  • Snorkeling
  • Swimming with turtles
  • Diving
  • Fishing
  • Visit the exquisite, clear beaches



The island of Samoa is a jaw-dropping country where you can get to know your new spouse with minimal interruptions.


Language: Samoan and English

Currency: Samoan Tala

Capital: Apia

Transportation: ferries, buses, taxis or rental cars

Climate: Humid and warm. Wet season November- April, dry season May-October



These six locations are thought-provoking, romantic, enthralling, and have an abundance of activities for honeymooners. These types of adventures are a thrilling start to a new life.


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