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Which Lipstick Colours Will Make Your Teeth Look Whiter and Beautiful?

Makeup assists in enhancing the natural features and highlight your natural beauty. Anything that does not fulfil that should be abandoned.

But what happens if your statement lips end up drawing attention to your not so pearly-whites?

Bright lips are something that anyone can don provided they have the confidence and the attitude to do so. But there are lipsticks that can make your teeth look whiter and there are also those that make the chompers look yellowed even when you have whitened them just recently.


This happens primarily because of the undertones of your lipstick. So here are some of the best lipsticks that will make your teeth look whiter. Just have a look.

  • Nude Lipstick – For white teeth it is a challenge to pick the right nude lipstick. Usually the nude shades lean towards peach or brown, but both make the teeth look a bit more yellow. So, you should opt for a pinkie nude. This one is better than the other neutrals as long as the pink tone is not too warm.


  • Red Lipstick – In order to avoid a red lipstick from making the teeth look dull and yellow or even darker you should look for a red shade with a blue undertone that is piercing. The subtle blue tone is going to cancel out any yellow cast that is capable of destroying the look.


  • Pink Lipstick – For those who have an inclination towards the perfect pink lips, a paler pink that has cool undertones is ideal. For a fabulous look for date night you can create the sensuous smoky eyes to go with your pink lips. You can choose a moisturising formula or a matte and playful pink shade according to your preference.


  • Candy Apple Lipstick – The candy apple shade with blue glitters cannot only make your lips look radiant and hot but it is also capable of enhancing your smile manifolds.


  • Purple Lipstick – There is a tendency among the darker shades to make the teeth look slightly yellowed. But with the purple shades there is one tone that come to your assistance. Usually the darker purples are inclined towards a brown shade or a pink one. The purple with a pink tone will assist in making the teeth appear whiter than its brown counterparts.


  • Orange Lipstick – Orange is one shade that can be a bit dicey in making your teeth look whiter. This is for one simple reason and that is the fact that orange itself looks a bit yellowish at times. Hence choosing an orange lipstick with an undertone of red-to-blue can help to bring forth the sparkle of your pearly whites. Pick those lipsticks that consist of orange or cool coral undertones.


  • Dark Pink or Berry Lipstick – There is a wide spectrum of colours as berries are generally a riff on pinkish and purplish reds. The blue tones are fairly strong in the berry colours as the they are mostly closer to the purple-y or the pink shades. This accentuates your smile no matter which shade you choose -deep plum or light raspberry. In this case, you should also keep it in mind that as compared to the matte counterparts a glossy formula plays a role in increasing the wattage of your smile.


  • Mauve Lipstick – For a girly yet chic look, a mauve is just the thing. Thanks to the blue undertones, your teeth will eb able to reap the perks. If you choose a creamy variety, then that will also make your lips feel creamy and soft.


Apart from choosing the perfect lipstick that will accentuate your million-dollar smile and make it look even more dazzling, you should also visit the nearest dentist at a reputed clinic twice every year so that you can flaunt a beautiful and healthy smile all year long without undergoing any dental problem or oral issue.

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