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Watches are men best friends.why wear watch ?there are many reasons to wear a watch .when you wear a watch it mens its showing your status icon,telling your personality or may showing your legacy .its just not a time telling device .its your personality symbol.now its up to you wich type of watch you want to wear .

In this particular blog we will read about the benifits or reasons to wear a watch for both men and women.

1. Punctuality :

Most important thing your watch tells about your personality is punctuality.according to reseach its found that you are less likely to be late when you wear a watch. Wearing a watch is a symbol of your puntual personality and it gives a direct message to others about your punctuality . It shows you dont want to show up late you always wants to be on time. So always take care about your time telling device as you directly taking care of your time.


2. Stay focused :

When you look at your watch you are just watching time noting else .so there is no distraction you always focused .but while using your other devices for watching time like your cell phones you get distracted with lots of notifications,messages bunch of emails and you get involved in other stuffs which ulimately waste your time .

Suppose you are in a meeting and u took out your phone for watching time .and your meeting members analyse your activity and they thought u might feel boar in a meeting .so this is not a professional look.you have to decide what activity you have to perform to achieve your goal wihout getting distracted.


3. Individual style :

Watche are the best personality symbol which makes you stand out of the crowd.and express your personal style .so choose your watch style very carefully .many people dont know what particular watch will suits there personality .there are many options we can choose to have perfect watch like we can change the colour of dial that suits your dressing sense .

So, you have to decide what particular watch type will suits your personality .in our next bolg we will show “what particular watch type suits your personality


4. Compliment:


Everyone likes compliment .when you wear a nice watch everyone likes to compliment you .its a style symbol which shows your class ,style or personality. So keep your personalty talks every where you go .people will notice your style at your first meeting. They will judge who you are and it creates a positive image about your personality in there minds.always make a clear selection for your watch type .what to wear? At what ocassion ? What watch type suits your personalty ?

So ,in this particular blog you got to know about the reasons to wear watch a watch.now you you got to know about the reasons to wear a particular watch that suits your personality and its very important to know to look a perfect gentlemem wyou have to carry your other acessories along with your watch .so find out furthur information in below link .





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