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Why Use FR Fabric to prevent Fire Hazards

Accidents can happen at any time at the workplace, sites and factories. Sometimes the damage is controllable, but sometimes accidents go out of control and prove to be fatal and can cause casualties.

Companies spend millions of dollars each year to set and maintain the safety standards by applying all the relevant tools and techniques such as safety equipment, conducting drills and training employees on safety-related issues.

Some common industrial fire accidents include electric arc, molten flash and flash fire.

An electric arc is fast and can result in dire consequences such as worker coming in direct contact with an electric current. The amount of heat produced by electric arc can ignite fire to clothes if workers are not wearing protective gear.

Molten metal splash is another form of disaster. A fraction drop of a molten metal not only set fire to the clothing but also gives severe burns to the body.

Fire Retardant fabric has been a breakthrough material that has somehow decreased the risk of significant injuries caused by these two fire accidents. Even when wearing protective gear, workers are on high risk if FR fabric is not suitable according to the work environment, hence resulting in suffocation, elevated body temperature, anxiety and other health problems.

Here we are listing down crucial reasons why it is vital to have Flame Retardant Fabric to minimize the damage caused by fire accidents.

·        Your Immediate Shield in case of Fire

When exposed to ignition, fire spreads using the oxygen and the materials which are more likely to catch it fast. FR fabric is made by treating the material with chemicals that increase the capability of fabric to slow down the spread of fire.

Upon encountering the flames, chemicals in FR fabric burn to carbonize the area to minimize the burning process and protect a person until first aid arrives. In case of widespread fire, your employees will have a considerable amount of time to escape from the spot, as their FR protective suit keep them protected and hold back the fire to cause substantial damage.

·        For your employees’ safety

Daily hundreds of burn cases are reported in the hospital. Majority of the cases sustain burns from on-site fire accidents such as electric arcs, molten metal splash and flash fire accidents. It is now compulsory for manufacturing units and plants to provide their workers with personal protective suits made with flame retardant fabric.

Depending upon your plant site condition and the tendencies of the exposure to heat and flames, companies must choose the most optimum FR fabric that can provide the best protection to the workers. It is the occupational yet moral duty to protect human lives; more vital if they are risking their lives working for your business.

·        Different variations for different workplaces

There are fabrics which are inherently flame retardant such as Aramids and Modacrylic. There are other fabrics which are not inherently FR, but when treated with relevant chemicals effectively, they become the excellent FR fabrics. Materials such as cotton, polyester, polyamide, lyocell are the most commonly used materials. Carbon and steel fabric is also used in making Flame retardant protective suits.

Each industry has its characteristics and working condition at its factory or plants. It is a wise and expert practice to study the available material in the market and choose the best option available that will be more protective and comfortable for your workers. Comfort is also an important aspect. For example, you can have protective suits made with cotton, if you have a heat-inducing work environment. Workers must wear protective suits, which can protect them from any hazard as well as maintain their oxygen levels at the same time.


Fire disasters not only cause property damages, but they are more deadly as it causes severe casualties to humans. Whether there was an explosion of a factory or a fire at any hospital or hotel, it has destroyed various families by consuming the lives of the loved ones painfully.

Much appreciated work has been done by regulators, organizations and companies to prevent such kind of disasters by applying top safety measures – one of these safety actions as protective suits made of flame retardant fabric.

Daletec is a pioneer in making the best FR fabric in the world. With the experience of more than 140 years, it has made a name for itself in the world by providing industries with the best FR material. Over time, Daletec has been one step ahead by improving its fabric to suit the needs of the market. With continuous innovation, quality and sense of responsibility towards the safety of the workforce, Daletec has earned the trust of its customers.

Our experts study the requirements as per our customers’ workplace environment, consult them and make the suitable flame retardant fabric that ensures the maximum safety of their employees in case of any fire accident.


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