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Workout for love handles

Love handles are side fats that sits on the sides of stomach. to reduce love handles it requires altogether different set of exercises to shed.

love handles just occurred while sitting at home or office for long works or consuming too much calories while eating junk foods .It’s just areas of skin that extend outward from hips and indicates excess fat at your waste .but the good thing is one can reduce  side fats with certain set of workouts which I have shown in this blog and which anyone and everyone can do while watching TV or sitting in garden .

So ,one should focus on multiple set of workouts that Target your lower abs, back and hips . try to stick on proper nutrients rich diet and avoid access calories  . you can go for a walk, riding bicycle, swimming or simple running . these are some basic workouts that really help you to keep you in shape and she’d your excess calories .

In my video I have shared some basic workouts which anyone can perfom at home whith use of simple object like your handy laptop.

Progression :

1. Start in a seated position and hold your laptop in your hand in front of your face with both the arms straight facing towards camera and simply twist your hands from both one side and make an angle of 180 degree . now in this activity you will feel pressure at your obliques and try to hold and strech your body to the extreme for better results. now change the position and try it from other end.

2. In second activity you have to sit down on your knees and take your laptop on your forehead straight at top height with both arms tightly hold the laptop on your forehead and now Twist right hand downwards along with your laptop and you will feel the pressure on your obliques this time also now the thing is you will see it gives you complete streching from upper back to side lower . now change your position from right to left.

3. This activity is also know as Russian twist and in this position you just have to sit and hold laptop with both hands.with your butt on the ground ,your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. make an angle of 45 degree and lean your torso  back . now lift your both feet off the ground like you are balancing on your feet and twist your torso to the right and then left with laptop holding in both hands.

Always adopt healthy lifestyle and good habits to get rid of love handles or extra fat . in diet you can take

✓ Green vegetables
✓ Rich protein diet
✓ Beans and legumes
✓  Water

So, in nut shell stick to your plan for a healthier lifestyle.


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