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Women's Workout Tips

Workout Tips for Women According to Their Body Types

“The square pegs don’t fit into round holes.” The statement is a suitable metaphor when it comes to choosing a fitness routine that will get you the best effects. Just like every other organism, women have various body types that are a result of their genetic orientation. It has been proven in several studies that genetics is one of the key reasons behind the way your body adapts to a certain kind of exercise. A particular exercise is not supposed to suit everyone in the same way or let’s say it doesn’t get the same results for everyone. Therefore, women’s gym workout should be curated according to their body types.

Here are the three broadly classified body types that are found in women. You might not strictly belong to a single body type and there are chances that you have similarities from all the three. We have mentioned the characteristics as well as the types of routines that suit for every body type.

Women’s Workout Tips as Per Their Body Type

Compact but Muscular

This body type is characterized by low body fat, relatively wider shoulders, muscular build, and a rapid metabolism rate. Women of this body type doesn’t gain fat quickly and adapt well to resistance training.

  • They should include the elements of workout in their routine.
  • Supersets instead of single sets for increasing the effort.
  • Try to train more muscles in a day’s workout.
  • Yoga, light exercises with more repetitions are advisable if losing out on muscle mass is your goal.


The Pear Shaped

This body type is characterized by a pear-like body shape which means narrower shoulders and wider hip region. Muscles are moderately defined with irregular body fat accumulation in the thighs, upper arms, etc. Metabolism is slower as compared to other types. They gain fat the quickest and are prone to difficulties while losing it. For pear shaped women it is most important to practice surya mudra 30 minutes daily to lose weight.

This type of women’s gym workout should include the following elements

  • Work out with lighter weights and more reps.
  • Recovery time between reps shouldn’t be more than a minute.
  • Low-intensity Cardio is advisable more than three times a week, preferably as much as you can.
  • Fasting should be avoided; however, a level of strictness of sugary foods is important.


Lean All The Way

As evident by the name, this body type has the least amount of fat on their body with long and lean features. The bone structure is also small and including narrower hips and shoulders. This kind of body type responds rather well to cardiorespiratory women’s gym workout due to their lean frames. It is particularly hard for them to attain a curvy physique.

They should include the following elements in their routine

  • They should train with heavy equipment with 5 to 10 reps per set.
  • Adequate rest between routines is advisable, at least 48 hours to allow muscle recovery.
  •  Cardio should be limited to 3 times a week if increasing the body bulk is your goal.
  • High-calorie foods and carbohydrates are suitable for this body type.
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