Every women dream of perfect figure so that she can flaunt the perfect outfits everywhere.now we came with 6 most effective exercise for women for flat tummy. by doing these 6 exercise you are not only working on tummy but also work on back and waist.so get ready and work on your body .

when we talk of flat tummy exercise every one gave a thought to hit gym.but its not necessary to hit gym every time ,when you have options at home to remain fit .all you require is 15 minutes for your workout and its done. although there are plenty of exercise for flat tummy but we came here with  most effective exercise to make your body shape fit .


  1. MOUNTAIN CLIMBER : the best part of mountain climber is it work directly to your  waist ,hands,legs and back,it means when you are doing mountain climber activity it helps to reduce extra fat in lower portion of your body and makes your tummy ,legs,arms and back strong. you can perform  2 set of mountain climber walk for at-least 50 walk




2. SIDE HIP DROP : side hip drop is another effective exercise that work at your back,hips,waist and shoulders. this is an effective and strong exercise for  lower portion of your body. to perform this exercise one have to perform it for at least 30 sec and can increase up to any particular level. you can perform this activity for at least 2 sets


3. ARROW ARM CRUNCH : another flat belly exercise for women is arrow arm crunch. this activity will help you out to burn extra belly fat.and provides complete focus on your waist and abs. so you can perform this exercise for 2 minutes with 50 raps of 2 sets anywhere . a complete and effective exercise for your abs and waist



4. LEG RAISES : when we talk about lower abs and waist the perfect ad most effective exercise for women body is leg lift .more you lift and stop your legs in air more pressure it will generate in your lower portion of your body.this exercise will help you in abs and strong back,thus leg lift is effective and wight loss exercise for any one you can perform this exercise for at least 10 sec of 3 reps.



5. SIDE SQUAT REACH: this exercise is a versatile exercise yo can perform this activity to work out for multiple muscles. this exercise will focus and work on your shoulders,legs,back and hips do  squat at same time. you can perform this activity for at least 2 minutes of 3 sets.


6.TORSO TWIST : This exercise will focus on abs,thighs and shoulders  muscles. perform this exercise     for latest 5 minutes of 3 reps. to perform this exercise one need to stand firm and lift  your left knee to       right elbow as you twist your  torso. return to opposite position.and perform this action for 30 sec.


perform this exercise for flat tummy and make your body in shape .




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