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Bhujangasana is Sanskrit name.Bhujang means snake or cobra and asana means yoga.so the complete name given is Cobra pose.This name is given because the pose is perform in such a way that it resembles as the cobra has raises it’s hood.This pose also comes in surya namaskar or sun salutation.

This is the one among the basic posture of yoga.It is a back bending movement.This is complete backbone stretching exercise.It promote flexibility of spinal cord.

It is amazing exercise for those who have digestive disorder,respiratory disorder,backbone pain,obesity.

Bhujangasana is one of the best yogasan which gives complete benefits to the entire body from toes to head.

It has many therapeutic benefits.

It has been found that if a person who perform regularly bhujangasana can subside their many health problems.

Steps of  Bhujangasana-


  1.  Lie flat on the stomach
  2. Place your hands on the side
  3. Move your hands to the front ,up to the shoulder level and place your palms on the floor
  4. Now place your body weight on your palms,inhale and raise your head and trunk.
  5. It must be noticed that your arms should be bent at your elbows.
  6.  Now arch your neck backward in such  a manner that it resemble as the cobra raises its hood.
  7. Press your hips ,thighs and feet to the floor
  8. In the starting try to hold the posture up to 15 to 30 second,if not possible then hold the position as you can,then day by day slowly increase your stamina.
  9. During holding the posture do normal breathing
  10. When you are performing this asana feel your stomach pressed against the floor.
  11. As your stamina increases you will be able to hold the asana for up to 2 to 5 minutes
  12. When you are realizing this pose ,slowly down your neck,bring your hands slowly back to the sides.
  13. Rest your head to the ground by bringing your four head in contact with the floor
  14. Now place your hands under your head.
  15. Now slowly rest your head on one side and start breathing normally.


precautions and contraindications-

It has been advised  that those people who have some medical issue,should perform this asana in front of yoga trainer and after consulting with their doctor.

some medical issues are given below in which this asana should be avoided or should be perform under proper guidance-:

  1. Back pain or back injury
  2. Headaches
  3. Pregnancy
  4. Abdominal surgery
  5. Carpel tunnel syndrome
  6. Hernia
  7. Peptic ulcer
  8. Intestinal tuberculosis

Benefits of Bhujangasana-:

If one side it is restricted for some medical issues,but on the other side it solve many health problems.It gives many benefits to your body.so the benefits of cobra pose is as following-:

  1. Increase flexibility of backbone
  2. Decrease stiffness of lower back
  3. Stress buster
  4. Make digestive system strong
  5. Soothes sciatica
  6. Reduce belly fat
  7. Improve menstrual irregularities
  8. Open the chest and helps to clear the passage of  air to heart and lungs
  9. Improves circulation of blood to the heart,spinal and pelvic region.
  10. It elevates the mood
  11. It expends chest
  12. Effective in uterine disorder
  13. Improve the function of reproductive organ.
  14. Useful for those people who is suffering from respiratory disorder such as asthama.
  15. Improves the function of kidney,liver,pancreas,gall bladder.


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