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07 Fabulous Cartilage Piercing Types & Jewelry | 2019-20 

Body piercing has been a form of alteration for centuries now. Especially, the latest trend is all about cartilage studs/earrings. Although, having piercing jewelry is a sign of adulthood or a reflection of one’s culture in it.

There are a few latest upcoming trends, earlobe piercing earrings, cartilage piercing earrings and cartilage stud earrings that can create a new amazing combinations with the same. Combinations are endless and only limited to one’s creativity. The latest trend isn’t about what piece of piercing jewelry is to be worn, it’s all about how it is supposed to be worn. 


Types of Cartilage piercing:


  • Vertical Lobe piercing: A creative way to use piercing jewelry, suitable for one’s with a wider ear lobe, giving enough space for two studs, to be pierced side by side.  


  • Vertical Helix piercing: The newly developing trend. Also known as forward helix piercing, a type of cartilage piercing earrings placed on the ridge of cartilage. Helix piercing needs 


  • Tragus piercing: A trendy look, where the piercing jewelry passes through the cartilage of the ear, known as the tragus. Typically, people prefer wearing a cartilage stud earring over it. 


  • Orbital piercing: This form of piercing is where the stud enters and exits the same piece of cartilage in the ear. Both the entrance and exit points of the earring are visible in the frontal view of the ear. 


  • Conch piercing: Another type of cartilage piercing, in which the piercing is passed through the middle of the ear, one of the most painful ways of piercing but it sure is worth it. 


Cartilage piercing has been the latest trend amongst the new generation, which allows them to look fashionable and trendy. Although, it is painful to get one. Cartilage stud earrings comes in various different shapes, sizes and styles. You can see dangling earrings, studs, hoops, and more. 


The upcoming and unique Cartilage Jewelry: 


  1. Hoops earrings: An earring that is circular or semi-circular in shape, generally in the form of a hoop, adjoining on the other side through the piercing.  Comes in various sizes, depending on one’s physical attributes. They are often made out of metal, a tube with a thin wire attachment passing through the earlobes.


  1. Ball earrings: One could never go wrong with a subtle design, ball earrings also known as studs never run out of fashion. It could simply be a pearl, crystal or a diamond. 


  1. Cuff earrings: One of the most popular designs among women. Starting from the earlobe, covering up the sides with the help of some unique designs, like flower or leaf.  


  1. Circular barbells: The name barbell is given to such earring, as it resembles a barbell, this is a piece of cartilage stud earrings, usually placed over the helix. However, it is also used as a septum ring. One of the most fashionable earrings, quite common among the teenagers.


  1. Ear spikes: Giving a more carefree and rugged look, ear spikes can be worn at the earlobes or helix. Usually designed with a crystal or a pearl on top. The latest trend in the cartilage stud earrings.


  1. Horseshoe ring: Worn on the septum usually, a semi-circular cartilage stud ring. A simple yet classy look. Could be worn over the ear, but preferred over the septum. 


  1. Studs: Posts or studs in all metal or metal with gemstones, crystals or diamonds. These little cartilage stud earrings are the trendiest in the market.  This type of cartilage stud earrings appears to be floating over the ear, as it is passed through the helix sitting right over the ear. Giving a frontal view of the jewel sitting on top of it.



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