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5 Ways to Preserve and Protect the Ozone Layer

The ozone layer is perhaps the primary reason why life on earth is possible. The ozone layer is made up of O3 gases, which provide a protective shield around the earth. This prevents the harsh UVA rays of the sun, which are fatal for life on earth, from penetrating into the planet. Plus, this layer helps regulate temperatures so that the earth is not excessively hot in the day, or too cold at night. Unfortunately, due to rapid urbanization, excessive pollutants and the depletion of forests—the callousness of man—has affected the ozone layer. Extensive studies find that since the 1980’s, the ozone layer has been massively depleting annually, which has caused several hazards to humans and nature.

All, however, is not lost. By taking simple steps, we can save the ozone layer from being completely eroded. On 16th September, the Ozone Layer Day, here are 5 ways you can preserve and protect the ozone layer:

1. Avoid Using CFC-Based Products: The most devastating effects to the ozone layer have been caused by chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). This gas, found in aerosols, old fridges, and air conditioners, has been found to have contributed to 50% of the total damage to the ozone layer. Consequently, it has been banned in a number of companies, but a number of aerosol-based products, like deodorants and hairsprays, continue conspicuously using it in the manufacture of their products. To really help the ozone layer, you can begin by checking all your aerosol-based products to check if any of them have CFCs. If so, stop using them and replace them with more environmentally-friendly options.

2. Better Waste Disposal Methods: If you do have aerosol products that use CFCs, it is not enough to merely discard them. Typically, throwing away such a bottle would mean that it is crushed or decomposed, which nevertheless releases the CFCs. Instead, this should be treated as hazardous waste and dealt with accordingly. Do not simply throw it in the trash, but dispose of it in biohazardEZ waste disposal containers. This will prevent the contaminants from leaking into the soil or the air. Besides stocking up on EZ waste disposal containers, you should also invest in effective waste segregation practices, separating plastics from recyclables. This prevents recyclable materials from being burned and releasing into the air as hazardous gases. Practicing better waste disposal methods is key to a safer, greener planet.

3.Try Carpooling: When you drive a car, it puts massive pressure on the environment. Firstly, it uses up precious resources of the earth like oil and coal. Even extracting these resources releases a lot of carbon into the air, which affects the ozone layer and directly increases the scale of global warming. Secondly, the burning up of these fossil fuels results in further carbon, methane and other hazardous gases being released. These gases puncture holes in ozone enabling harmful UV rays to penetrate into the earth. To take this massive pressure off the planet, it is vital to switch over to more environmentally-friendly options, like carpooling to work or school. If available, you can also opt for public transport to reduce your carbon footprint.

4.Take Up Waste Segregation Drives: A fun way to engage more people in environmental sensitivity is by taking up waste segregation drives. You can organize a beach or a park visit with the adults and children in your neighbourhood. Arm yourselves with gloves and carry a Secondary container to pick up the trash littered around these scenic places. This community effort will help in cleaning up solid waste that would otherwise decompose and release hazardous gases into the air and water. This effort in itself will be imprinted on the minds of all the participants. The residue of dirt and pollutants on the membrane discs will become an impactful image of how littering affects our environment.

5. Spreading Awareness: The greatest way you can contribute to the environment is by spreading the message of environmental consciousness. By speaking to your family and community about the ozone layer and its rapid depletion, you can raise awareness. The efforts to preserve the ozone layer will thus be at a community level, meaning more people will take up healthier practices. Gift children fun games about the climate, such as Climate & Weather Science Kits, which has different and fun experiments to gauge climate change. You can even organize community-level games about the environment, and award winners with an informative science gift for adults.

With the rapid heating of the earth and the depletion of the ozone layer, it is vital that we lead sustainable lives. By practising sustainability, we can leave behind a cleaner and more breathable earth. This Ozone Layer Day, pledge to take up some of these practices, and you will be able to make a real difference to the planet.

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