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Best Home Remedie Tips for Breastfeeding Mother’s

Breastfeeding is one of the best nutrition for new born baby. As mother’s milk milk helps strength the baby’s immune system and makes him strong and healthy . There are lots of good effects on babies health like lowers risks asthma, allergies, respiratory diseases, ear infections, diarrhoea. Its a best nutrition diet for babies ,it contains all antibodies, vitamins proteins and fat. Here we talk about few home remedies tips that help mothers post ptegnancy journey . That helps in faxter loss of pregnancy weight, burns calories and also release oxytocin.

Breastfeeding for baby contains everything that baby needs in first 6 months of his/her life . During the first day after birth, they consume thick and yellowish fluid caled colostrum that is high in protein, low sugar and contains other antibodies. The first milk devlop baby digestive sytem and after few days ,the brest start producing larger amount of milm as the baby’s stomach grows.

However , sometimes mothers are not able to tackle common breastfeeding challanges like low milk flow, irritation, breast pain etc. To help thosse mothers here will tell you about some home remedies to get there healthier and comfortable nursing period.

1 fenugreek seed :

Fenugreek seeds really helps mothers to increase the milk production as they help enhance the level of estrogen, a hormone that helps in producing milk. You can take these seeds with hot water to make tea . This tea  can be consumed a couple of times in a day. Thus these seeds really have good effects on mothers milk production .

2. Cummin seeds.

Another best home remedy is consuming some grams of cummin seeds with hot water and you can also add some portion of honey or sugar for sweetnes . You can have cup of hot water mix with cummin seeds before going to bed. As this therepy will also helps mothers for milk production.

3. Drumstick and basil :

Consuming fresh drumstick and basil juice in your diet will really help in milk production. You have to consume fresh drumstick juice with half a glass of milk everyday for a month to increase milk production or boil 5 to 6 basil leaves and add honey for some flavour and drink it . You can consume it twice a day  for a few months.

4. Shatavari

You can also add shatavari powder in your diet . As this powder will increase the milk production in mothers .This Ayurvedic herb is found to be very effective in overcoming low milk production in nursing mothers as it helps regulate and maintain the body’s hormonal balance. One may consume it by mixing it in water.

5. Anise :

This Ayurvedic herb should be infused in water along with some honey (to taste) and consumed two to three cups a day. It not only contains estrogen properties, but is also helpful in clearing blocked milk ducts to increase the milk flow.
Thus, these are some home remedies that really helps mothers in breastfeeding and increase there milk production level. As these ingredients contains lots of nutrition , protein and other antibodies. That help new born babies to grow faster and make them healthier and make there bodies strong enough to fight against harmul diseases.
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