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Top 10 Tips to Master the Office Dress Code for Men in 2018

Top 10 Tips to Master the Office Dress Code for Men in 2018

Whether you believe or not, your appearance matters and it matters a lot. According to a career expert Nicole Williams, “your good appearance can surely boost your performance”. Even if you think that nobody notices your dressing sense but the fact is that each and every employee notices it.

If the look of an individual matters then you may look about the tips to improve your appearance too, right. That’s why I have made this worthy list of top 10 tips to master the office dress code for men in 2018. Many of the items mentioned on the list can be easily ordered online from any top UK store and forwarded anywhere in the world by using a parcel forwarding service.

Your appearance affects your success both directly and indirectly. If you don’t fit in your office environment then you are not as welcomed and accepted. This may reduce your chances of getting promotions too.

1. Go with proper fitting outfits

You may think that finding proper fitting outfits isn’t a big deal but you must know the concept of proper fit. Too big or too small outfit is not going to please anybody.

Top 10 Tips to Master the Office Dress Code for Men in 2018

You must make great effort to master your office dress code if you are appearing in interviews or meetings. Even an incorrect length of your tie can distract and annoy many people. Prefer tailored outfits instead of ready-to-wear clothes in the workplace.

2. Choose dress according to your industry

If your company has a dress code then you must follow that code. If possible you can try semi-casual outfits on Friday but make sure you are not going to violate your official dress code.

Having a dress code means you have to wear the same dress throughout the whole working days. Make sure to keep your outfit clean and odor free.

3. Have a nice pair of polished shoes

According to many scientific experiments, the footwear of an individual is get noticed before it clothes and other things. A well stitched and polished black shoe can add more elegance to your look or you can say it will complete your look.

Top 10 Tips to Master the Office Dress Code for Men in 2018

No matter if you have covered yourself with the finest shirting and suiting, without a nice pair of shoes everything is going to be worthless. A pair of quality shoes if maintained well can last longer and it can go with almost every office dress.

4. Take proper care of your hair

A nice haircut looks appealing and it also gives a message to others that you are enough conscious about your grooming. Self-grooming is necessary for men’s too and it also boosts your confidence.

Never go office with your wet hair, it makes you look like you won’t wake up early and are not enough interested in doing work. Spend money on grooming yourself, have a nice haircut, take great care of your face and buy some men’s cosmetics (no I am not talking about makeup, LOL).

Be good, feel good, look good and work well. That’s all.

5. Have a decent Timepiece

Smartphones are great and these gadgets can tell time too but checking the time on a smartphone during working hours makes you unprofessional and clearly not be a great idea.

Top 10 Tips to Master the Office Dress Code for Men in 2018

You won’t believe but a watch is a must-have office accessory and it makes your more professional. Clearly, you need to spend a lot of money on buying an expensive branded watch, a cheap round dial watch with a leather wristband can be a better option.

6. Keep a nice bag

Add a nice bag on the list of your office accessories and the most important thing; keep your stuff organized in the bag. Most of the office bags don’t have a zipper and that makes others sneak into your bag easily.

Don’t go with knapsacks, they are better for colleges only. A black or brown leather office bag will be perfect and will also compliment your every office outfit.

7. Work on your facial hair

No matter if you love the long bushy beard, you must keep it simple and well trimmed. Not every beard cut is going to look great on everybody. Everybody has a different face shape you must make effort to grow or shave facial hair according to your face shape.

Top 10 Tips to Master the Office Dress Code for Men in 2018

One more important thing about facial hair is that you must avoid a “goatee” (the hair under lower lips) at the workplace. Vacations and business trips can be the best time to grow facial hair.

8. Say no to strong perfume

Say no to strong perfume at the workplace. Keep your strong perfume safe for the office parties. A smooth and light perfume will be great for covering your body odor.

Don’t be a perfume can of your office. Just spray a few shots of perfume to smell good and cover your body odor if it is very strong. LOL

9. Go with glasses which fit

This is an important thing to keep in mind and you must not avoid it. Oversized glasses will totally ruin your appearance.

Top 10 Tips to Master the Office Dress Code for Men in 2018

Its 21st century and things have changed a lot. There are multiple brands available which provide a huge range and design of glasses. If you are quite lazy or don’t like to go to supermarkets, you can buy glasses online from many online shops and get your stuff delivered next to your doorstep.

10.Wear confidence at your workplace

No, you can’t buy confidence at any supermarket. A confident man looks more attractive and grabs more attention.

Your confidence makes you different from others and that confidence can come from the way you dress. Skills are worthless if you haven’t the courage to utilize it. Be the man of your office, spread positivity, learn to hide your pain and never go personally at your workplace.

Final Note:

Mastering the office dress code isn’t a rocket science. Just make effort to keep the things simple and organized. The tips provided here will help you a lot in choosing right outfit and accessories for your workplace.

Don’t go over budget in finding suitable outfits for your office. It will not be a great idea to spend most of your salary on your office dress. Just shop wisely and keep the things simple, you will rock then. That’s it.

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