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Grooming Mistakes

Grooming Mistakes You Probably didn’t Know You were Making

When it comes to sticking to a grooming and skin care routine, it’s convenient for most men to become lazy and not do anything at all.

Reading or listening to what you should or should not do can overwhelm most men. But don’t give up! We offer simple suggestions to help you rectify some of the terrible mistakes you are guilty of committing that ruin the grooming routine.

1. Overlooking Thinning Hair

The struggle to come to terms with a receding hairline is real. Ignoring it might be a strategy, but it does little to help your thinning hair. Some men apply multiple hair gels and styling products to flaunt whatever is left of their once-shiny hair.

However, harsh chemicals in most products may speed up hair loss. Use organic or natural products for your hair. Moreover, growing your hair out to keep it forever rarely works as it greatly damages the quality of your hair.

It is best to embrace your baldness by keeping your hair short or going bald.

2. Washing your Hair Every Day

This tip is for the ladies too. Beauty experts warn against shampooing your hair every day as it can strip your hair of its natural oils which keep it healthy and shiny. It is best to wash your hair only once or twice a week.

However, use a mild shampoo that is manufactured for everyday use if you like to wash your hair after your daily work out.

3. Neglecting your Hands

Men rarely pay attention to their nails or knuckles. It pays off to trim your nails regularly and wash your hands with a moisturizing hand wash. We know you want to keep your hands looking manly and tough, but don’t let dry and chipped skin affect your handshake.

4. Using too many Styling Products

This is a big no-no for men who have an oily scalp or hair. Your hair will look greasier than usual if you end up using the wrong type of product for your hair. Your stylist might be able to suggest you the best and safest hair products that don’t affect your hair or scalp health.

Harsh styling products also ruin the original quality of your hair, especially if you use those on sweltering summer days. Use as little as possible and preserve the natural texture of your hair. Products that offer lightweight hold are less harmful.

5. Not Taking Care of your Beard

We know you always wanted to keep a beard because of the rugged appearance it gives to your face. But that doesn’t mean you just forget about it once it grows full from the sides to the jaw. Neglecting your facial hair leads to a messy image and can also cause itchiness and dryness.

Make sure you shampoo your beard at least twice or thrice a week. Regular trimming and brushing keeps it healthy and shiny.

Final Thoughts

You don’t need to hire a style guru to teach you basic stuff about grooming. Just follow our simple tips to take care of your nails, hair and skin. You’re never going to look older than you really are.

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