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How to Clean diamond jewellery at home during pandemic situation

How to Clean diamond jewellery at home during pandemic situation

Diamond is one of the most valuable and expensive stone on the earth. so it’s our duty to keep it clean and protect them from turning yellow. Although it is recommendable to give

it to jeweller for cleaning. But in this lockdown (COVID-19) situation, all the jewellery shops are closed.

So, In this Situation, How we clean diamond to restitute its sparkle??

First let’s discuss the reason behind diamond turning yellowish??

Women loves wearing diamond studded ring.

It may be house wife or professional women, both of these performs various tasks daily.

Some Common tasks like washing hands with soap or use of shampoo while cleaning hair etc.

It’s not possible always to remove ring before performing these tasks.

sometimes multiple layers of dust turns diamond into yellow or black color. we already know the reason behind why do we wear wedding ring on the left-hand.

Now its time to know how to keep it clean and secure

Here i am sharing some diamond ring cleaning tips at home during pandemic situation

1. Clean it with cotton cloth –

Sometimes it happens that we think the problem was very big but practically it was very small and can easily solved by little efforts.

Before using any techinque just try clean your diamond with cotton cloth.

Clean it properly with light hand

2. Dip it into Hot or Warm Water.

one of the easiest tip of cleaning diamond is Dip it into HOT or warm water then leave it for atleast half an hour.

It is Scientifically proven fact that hot can easily remove unwanted substances stick on the surface of jewellery.

3. Add detergent into hot water

Add detergent into hot water so that it can remove harsh dust stick on the surface of the diamond.


4. Clean it with tooth brush within the water

Before spring out diamond ring from the water, just try to clean it with tooth brush so that the dust stick on the edges of the ring can easily removed.

5. Take out from water

After cleaned it within the water now its time to spring out from water, andrub it properly with dry cloth. Now your ring looks like brand new.

How often should you clean your diamond ring?

It is recommended to clean your diamond ring atleast once in a week at home and give it to professional jewellery for cleaning atleast twice in a year.

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