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 An one-day long festival that is traditionally will celebrate by Hindu women in North India also half dozen parts of rest of India on this 8th of October. Women fast from sunrise to moon rise to safeguard and encourage their husbands’ or “sometimes fiances”longevity and safety. Bazaar (Markets) are ready to cash this festival.


Here are few notes will get ease if you are starting your plan to celebrate this fest on high memorable note:

  1. Full Day Holiday: Since as you know this Karva Chauth will be on Sunday, So, your hubby or life partner will be on off from their jobs, then as a gift from GOD, you will celebrate your full day of Karva Chauth with your partner.
  2. Shopping On : Before it, you will need to starts buying many penny to ready all stuffs for that day, You can go shops for clothes (typically red-colored), Karwa, Dried fruits,  Shringaar items, some shogun (jewelry, money, etc.), or sweets for the occasions.
  3. Karva Chauth Rituals for Un-married: First Karwa Chauth before marriage is a trending fashion today, Actually, it is a fast for married ladies; yet unmarried ladies additionally keep the fast for their life partner or boyfriend. Recently finds Karwa Chauth before marriage mysterious and maybe the motivation to praise their love towards their beloved one.Many unmarried girl celebrate karwa chauth day before marriage for his future husband long life and some woman do this as just for trend. If you are one of them do you how to keep karva chauth fast as for unmarried girl?In case you don’t about it and how to celebrate it you should know some facts and history about karva chauth vrat vidhi for unmarried. You should know about karwa chauth fast for unmarried, tradition, vidhi and many more things.Unmarried girls should have faith in God and keep the fast for the long existence of their significant other and for that they take after the Karwa Chauth fast Katha since they never need to skirt a solitary stride of this fast and its technique.Here are some tips for them.
    • While having Sargi, drink a major glass of milk.
    • Make a natural product plate of mixed greens, and amid the fast if you feel acridity, distress or craving then have a little measure of serving of mixed greens.
    • After the puja, again take a major glass milk.
  4. Fashion onTop: In 2017 you will finds new fashion theory for dresses fot Karva Chauth. Conventional hues are imperative for Karva chauth. Give your customary red another style by mixing it with glittery saree. This will help you to hold your customary mission and turn into the star of the day also. Choose a saree with over, red or pink. Pink makes you lovely while red keeps the suhaagan engage going on. These twwhelming work that will give you a shimmery and rich look.Make great mix, for exampleo hues together never turn out badly and influences you to look exquisite.Stay away from the conventional hues, for example, red and maroon this year, pick the hues that are drifting directly. You can attempt some unique hues, for example, hot pink, icy mass dark, sea green/blue, Lucite green or toasty almond, peach, orange, child pink or brilliant yellow.Do explores different avenues regarding hues with the goal that you can appear to be unique from others. A cream saree with pink can do ponder. A saree like this will influence you to resemble a diva.Velvet lehenga will be ideal for this event. As we probably am aware, velvet is viewed as the most rich texture. These sorts of lehengas are overwhelming so combine it up with sparkling adornments and gems.
The following however not the minimum one is lehenga saree. Lehenga saree is reasonably ideal for Karwachauth. As a lehenga saree is sufficiently splendid to put stun onto a woman’s marvelousness. Match it up with snappy bling studs and a choker neckband to flaunt the best of you.

5. Karva Chauth Special Makeup: How would you recognize a wedded Indian lady? From sindoor, mangalsutra, mehndi to payal and red-green-ivory bangles, the appropriate responses are numerous and simple to figure. To such an extent that there is an exceptional event devoted to wedded ladies. Indeed, Karva Chauth, is a yearly element, in which wedded women quick the entire day for the prosperity and long existence of their spouses.

Gajra is a method for enhancing your hair with new blossoms. This hair embellishment will never turn out badly with conventional troupes. What more evidence do you need of its starry remainder!

Tips to Look Starry in a Gajra 

  1. Make a bun on your hair and wear a sweet noticing gajra on your hair
  2. You can decorate the gajra in your bun and keep it off your shoulders
  3. Take out a bolt from the brow and let it fall all over
  4. Kohl-edge your eyes and apply a thin liner
  5. Wear a purple liner on the lower eye-cover. It will quickly inspire your look
  6. Game a little and perfect bindi on the brow
  7. A reflexive pink mope and pink cheeks will look flawless on your stunning skin
  8. Conventional adornments will look well-suited for this look
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